IJPMR 2011 September; Volume 22 (2)



Interventional Physiatry: Need of the Day. Haldar RN, Pramanik R.

Original Articles

1. Diagnosis and treatment of chronic low back pain by differential interventions of disc, nerve root, facet joint: an open level prospectie study: NRS protocol. Iswarari S, Ghatak RK, Nandi S, Mukherjee KK, Bandyopadahyay A, Acharjee B.

2. Role of intraarticular ozone in osteo-arthritis of knee for functional and asymptomatic improvement. Mishra SK, Pramanik R, Das P, Das PP, Palit AK, Roy J, Haldar RN.


1. Review of result of reconstructive surgeries in claw hand in leprosy cured patient. Prasad V.

2. Management of a case of spinal cord injury with flexor spasm and spasticity: what is appropriate technology. Wangjam K.

3. Integrated and challenging rehabilitation improves span and quality of life in SCI. Ghatak MM.

4. Closed phenol neurolysis and tibial neurectomy for gastrosoleus spasticity reduction and improvement of ambulation-A cohort study. Anees J, Vasudevan TK, Gafoor SA,.

5. A study of effects of home based exercise therapy on spinal mobility, fatigue, quality of life, disease activity and functional capacity in patients suffering from ankylosing spondylitits. Prajna Ranjani M, Wadhwa S, Singh U, Kumar U, Pandey RM.

6. Assessment of total contact casting in diabetic neuropathic foot ulcer.  Basak A, Ahmed T, Mishra S, Das PP, Palit A, Haldar RN.

7. Effect of phenol neurolysis in the treatment of spasticity: A Calicut experience. Kalathil P, Vasudevan TK, Gafoor SA.

8. Comparative study between the efficacy of facet joint block and ultrasound therapy in L4/L5 facet arthropathy. Ahmed T, Basak A, Banerjee A, Iswarari S, Pramanik R, Das P.

9. Comparison of anterior and posterior ankle foot orthoses in foot drop patients by metabolic analysis.  Uppal H, Handa G, Singh U, Wadhwa S, Yadav SL, Pandey RM.

10. Burden and stress in care-givers of children with cerebral palsy. Sardana R, Yadav SL, Singh U, Wadhwa S, Handa G, Mehta M, Pandey RM.

11. A study of effects of intervention of botulinum toxin-A on lower limb in children with spastic cerebral palsy.  Kumar R, Wadhwa S, Singh U, Yadav SL.

12. Pachydermadactyly. Sumalatha KB, Dheeraj A, Singh U.

13. A comparative study of efficacy of intra-articular injectios of a single dose high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMW HA) versus 3 doses of mid molecular weight hyaluronic acid (MMW HA) in OA Knee. Banerjee A, Ahmed T, Das PP, Pramanik R, Das P, Palit A.

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A referred case of AVN of femoral head for rehabilitation. Palit AK.

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