IJPMR 2013 Jan; Volume 24 (Supplement)

IAPMRCON 2013: Abstracts


Abstracts of Oral Presentations

1. Changing trend in clinical profile of Cerebral Palsy. Laisram Nonica, Bhatnagar Shikha, Muzaffar Tufail.

2. Prevalence of peripheral neuropathies in upper limbs of chronic spinal cord injured persons. Chatterjee Ahana, Bhide Rohit, Chandy Bobeena Rachel.

3. Burden and stress in caregivers of children with cerebral palsy. Sardana Ramita.

4. Risk factors for undernutrition in children with cerebral palsy–a case control study. Lekha C, Rajagopal Sooraj, Krishnaprasad.

5. Efficacy of spinal brace in preventing progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Sreekala VK.

6. Rehabilitation of burn injury cases. Dash JB.

7.  Study of histopathological features in various stages of pressure ulcer and to know whether this knowledge will help in its management. Sreejith R.

8. Quality of life and functional status of inmates of old age homes. Zachariah T, Sreekala VK, Surendran A.

9. Study to assess the role of peripheral exercise in rehabilitation of C.O.P.D patients. Chirania Anirudh, Biswas MM, Saha Jayanta, Sen M, Pramanik R.

10. Differently abled in the service of the differently abled. Sundar S.

11. Power wheelchair for all in need-towards accomplishment of a vision. Anees Javed.

12. Nutritional status of adolescent children with reference to prevalence of obesity in a Chandigarh school – a pilot study. Gogia Virinder Singh, Kumar Deepak.

13. Role of physical activity and dietary measures in addition to  calcium and vitamin D supplementation in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Tripathi DR, Talele Mahesh, Preenja Ravi, Sharma Amod.

14. Obesity and depression–are they related….?. Anupama K, Chandran Roy R, Gafoor S Abdul.

15. Effectiveness of metformin in the management of obesity among young adults. Selvan P, Sreekala VK, Vijayalekshmi L.

16. Preliminary study on risk factor assessment of osteoporosis in post menopausal women. Chauhan Sonal.

17. Lower extremity functional scale and diabetic foot ulcers: a descriptive pilot study. Saikia Priyanka, Jose Naveen Mathew.

18. A study to compare the effectiveness between epidural methylprednisolone injection and intranasal calcitonin in reduction of back pain due to osteoporosis in postmenopausal patients. Singh Th Khelendro, Singh AK Joy.

19. Cervical spondylosis – a soft target. Pramanik R.

20. Treatment of congenital clubfoot–a challenge for rehabilitation. Sahoo J, Mohanty RN, Das SP.

21. Interventional Physiatry – Calicut Experience. Sobeekrishna GS.

22. Can musculoskelital USG replace NCS in management of CTS? Kataruka Mohit, Pramanik R, Halder RN.

23. Study to evaluate efficacy of local steroid injection in treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome with respect to subjective and objective clinical findings, electro physiologic and ultrasonographic parameters. Ali Junis.

24. Study of effectiveness of gravity lumbar reduction therapy (GLRT) program in the treatment of symptomatic lumbar prolapse intervertebral disc (PIVD). Rai Bijendra, Naorem Bimol, Singh Y Nandabir, Wangjam K.

25. Comparative efficacy of platelet rich plasma injection, corticosteroid injection and ultrasonic therapy in the treatment of periarthritis shoulder. Singh Neha, Kothari S Y, Srikumar V.

26. Effect of suprascapular nerve block with lignocaine under USG guidance in periarthritic shoulder on pain & range of motion. Simmi.

27. Hydrodilation in adhesive capsulitis of shoulder . Singh Yesh Veer, Vishal Jayant, Biswas MM, Saha Jayant.

28. Non surgical management of rotator cuff tear. Mandal Prabir, Dan Sudip, Ballav Ambar.

29. Prolotherapy versus corticosteroid injections for the treatment of plantar fasciitis: a randomized controlled trial. Sharma Sanjeev Kumar, Dheeraj A, Yadav S L, Singh U.

30. ALS functional rating scale, pulmonary function tests and speech like tasks – a follow up study on 17 patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Yamini B K.

31. Indwelling catheter related pressure ulcer in groin in a tetraplegic patient: a case report. Singh L Nilachandra, Sangme Ngampa, Singh Th Khelendro, Mohes AS, Singh AK Joy.

32. Functional outcome of a new rehabilitation approach in severe cerebral palsy (GMFCS IV and V). Sharan Deepak.

33. Study of correlation between neurological level of spinal injury and bladder functions as detected by urodyanamic study. Aggarwal Mahima.

34. Study to assess non-invasively the cardiac autonomic dysfunction in patients with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). Naveen BP.

35. Effectiveness of breathing exercises on pulmonary function of traumatic quadriplegic and high paraplegic patients. Sajeena AS, Sreekala VK, Surendran A.

36. Pregabalin, gabapentin or oxcarbazepine in neuropathic pain? Sumalatha KB.

37. Study of effects of botulinum toxin – A injection on spastic upper limb. Ranjan Amit.

38. Clinical and imaging evaluation of efficacy of hyaluronic acid in osteoarthritis knee. Nandi Jaydeep.

39. Efficacy of lateral wedging in footwear in medial compartment osteoarthritis knee. Badhal Suman.

40. Comparison of immediate postoperative prosthesis versus soft dressing in lower limb amputations. Unmesh.

41. A comparative study of outcome of rehabilitation exercises in vertigo due to disorders of the middle ear. Saha Jayanta, Mukherjee Dipankar, Mukherjee Debasish.

42. Effectiveness of balance training in individuals with central postural instability—a prospective study. Arunram.

43. Study to evaluate the effectiveness of the new method of circumtibial transfer of tibialis posterior tendon for the treatment of foot drop. Singh Govind.

44. Ulnar neuropathy at elbow (U.N.E) in people with haemophilia attending a multi-specialty clinic in a tertiary care centre in South India: an observational study. Chalageri Prashant.

45. Efficacy of modified constraint induced movement therapy in hand functions of hemiparetic patients due to stroke. Yadav Raj Kumar, Sharma Rajendra, Kothari SY, Borah Diganta,  Laisram Nonica.

46. Evaluation of mirror therapy for upper limb rehabilitation in stroke patients. Muzaffar Tufail, Wadhwa RK, Borah Diganta, Kothari SY, Laisram Nonica.

47. Study of effectiveness of shoulder elbow wrist hand orthosis in the management of gleno-humeral subluxation in post-stroke hemiplegic patients. Singh Y Nandabir.

48. Study of somatosensory evoked potentials in traumatic brain injury. Patil Swapna.

49. Rehabilitation potentials following RCS in thumb deformity in leprosy cured patients. Pan Soumya Santa.

50. Exercise in diabetes. Why, what, how and when…? Chandran Roy R.

51. Prevalence of musculoskeletal complications in diabetes mellitus—Calicut experience. Antony Anit.

52. Management of chronic low back pain–a prospective analytic study. Sahoo PK, Sahoo J, Das SP, Mohanty RN.

Abstracts of Poster Presentations

1. Prevalence and correlates of fatigue in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Taly A B, Karthik N, Gupta A, Christopher R, Prasad C.

2. Shefstim: an automated setup of functional electrical stimulation for drop foot. Nair KPS, Heller BW, Clarke AJ, Good TR, Healey TJ,  Pratt EJ, Reeves ML, van der Meulen JM, Barker AT.

3. Effect of pranayama and meditation as an add-on therapy in rehabilitation of patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome–A randomized control pilot study. Gupta A, Kumar Sendhil, Taly A B, Nagaratna.

4. Balance and gait assessment among lower-limb amputees and comparison of status with healthy controls; a hospital based cross sectional study. Khanna M, Singh U, Yadav SL.

5. Spontaneous rupture of flexor retinaculum of ankle – An unusual case. Agrawal Vipul, Sharma Sanjeev Kumar, Singh L Sushil, Yadav S L, Singh U.

6. Heterotopic Ossification of shoulder in stroke–An unusual presentation. Sharma Sanjeev Kumar, Rajkumar, Yadav S L, Singh U.

7. Evaluation of the improvement in functional independence in post operative cerebral palsy children. Mathangi S.

8. Conservative management of a neglected case of Post-polio residual paralysis. Singh Yesh Veer, Sen M, Biswas MM, Saha Jayant, Chirania Anirudh.

9. Hemiplegic shoulder pain (HSP) cause by a rare ganglion cyst of the bicipital tendon in a right hemiplegic patient: a case report. Sangme Ngampa, Mohes AS, Singh Th Khelendro,  Singh L Nilachandra, Singh A K Joy.

10. Congenital deficiency of all four limbs, a rehabilitation challenge. Babu Rekha.

11. Subacute Progressive ascending myelopathy from T8 to C3 following percutaneous vertebroplasty causing cement leakage - a case report. Bhide Rohit, Barman Apurba, George Jacob, Thomas Raji, Mammen Suraj.

12. Rheumatoid  arthritis;  an interesting presentation. Sobeekrishna GS.

13. Modified ortho-prosthesis with IC socket for a deficient limb –A case report. Ghosal Vasundhara, Neyaz Osama Jhalani R, Equebal Ameed, Lenka P, Ballav Ambar.

14. Upper lumbar disc prolapse presenting as monoparesis–A case report. Tamphaleima Kh, Singh Y Nandabir, Sharma G Sonachand.

15. An interesting case of scoliosis. Nair Lakshmi.

16. Pentazocine induced contractures: A case report of drug abuse. Kumar Dileep.

17. An unusual case of chronic low back pain in four year old child. Chethan C.

18. Ipsilateral hemiplegia caused by an infarct in the temporo-occipital region: A case report. Mohes AS.

19. Anesthetic feet  and self mutilation in a child – A diagnostic dilemma. Gupta AK.

20. Ankylosing spondylitis with muscle involvement – A case report. Touthang Alex Thangjalet, Naorem Bimol, Singh Y Nandabir.

21. Outcomes in paraplegics of different etiologies–A cross-sectional study. Sumalatha KB.

22. Challenges in managing a dyskinetic CP in rural setting–A case report. Francis Shigy, Jose Naveen Mathew, Sankaranarayanan H.

23. Microbiological profile of urinary tract infection (UTI) in spinal cord injured persons in a tertiary care centre–A retrospective study. Sankaranarayanan H, Jose Naveen Mathew, Zachariah Kurian, Hariharan Rajalakshmi, Francis Shigy.

24. Musculoskeletal manifestations of neurofibro-matosis–A report of four cases. Yadav G, Gupta AK, Agarwal A K, Sharma VP, Kumar Dileep.

25. Myositis ossificans circumscripta–A case report. Neyaz Osama, Ghosal Vasundhara, Jhalani R, Equebal Ameed, Keshkar s, Ballav Ambar.

26. Deltoid paralysis following herpetic axillary nerve neuropathy–A case report. Hmingthanmawii, Zonunsanga C, Singh N Romi.

27. Demographic profile of patients with traumatic spinal cord injury admitted in tertiary care rehabilitation centre. Zonunsanga C, Chanu Asem Rangita, Hmingthanmawii, Pertin Minggam, Singh N Romi.

28. Organisms isolated from urine samples of traumatic spinal cord injury inpatients in a tertiary hospital and their antibiogram: a retrospective study. Chanu Asem Rangita, Zonunsanga C, Hmingthanmawii, Pertin Minggam,  Singh N Romi.

29. Prevention of disability in trauma. Singh Nirankar.

30. Normal electrodiagonostic study is helpful to diagnose lumbosacral radiculopathy. Kataruka Mohit, Pramanik R, Halder RN.

31. Comparison of quality of life of parents of children with disability with those of children without disability. Jain S, Majumdar R, Acharjya M, Gupta VK.

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