IJPMR 1997-1998; Volume 8 and 9



Editor's Note: Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1. The Effect of Relaxation and Relaxation with Resisted Exercises in Osteoarthrosis of Kneee.  A Randomised Prospective and Comparative Study. Dr S Rastogi, Dr T Raghuram, Mrs K Mittal

2. Piriformis Syndrome. Dr S Ramar, Dr K Manoharan, Dr S Vinayagam

3. Post-Streptococcal Reactive Arthritis, A Case Report. Prof A Chandrasekar, Dr R Annamalai

4. A Three Piece Plastic Tenodesis Splint for Quadriplegic Patient. Dr Arvind Kumar Gupta, Dr Geeta Devi Purohit

5. The Role of Ploypropylene Floor Reaction Orthosis in Polst Polio Patients with Quadriceps Weakness. Dr Sansar Chand Sharma, Dr Sandeep Gupta, Dr SS Sangwan, Dr Ajay Goel, Dr Umesh Modi

6. Early Mobilization of Geriatric Intertrochantric Fracture with External Fixator. Dr BN Pati, Dr RK Srivastava, Dr RK Dimrai, Dr R Mehta

7. Jaipur Syme's Prosthesis, a Prosthesis for Ankle-foot Amputees. Dr Surendra Abusaria, Dr SC Kasliwal

8. Comparative Clinical Study of Indigenous Drug with Ibuprofen. Dr U Singh, Dr K Kishore, Dr SD Seth

9. Methotrexate as Remission Inducing Agent in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Dr Ali Mohd. Burhoo

10. The Vertebral Artery Syndrome: A Review Article. Dr T Raghuram, Dr S Rastogi

11. Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment with Oral Steroids. Dr BA Buth

12. Psychological Outcome after Rehabilitation of Paraplegic Patients. Dr G Handa, Dr U Singh, Dr KS Sundaram, Dr S Wadhwa

13. Follow up study of Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury Patients Rehabilitated in Rehabilitation Centre from the year 1984-1993. Dr Arvind Kumar Gupta, Dr Anil Kumar Jain, Dr MK Mathur, Dr Gita Devi Purohit

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Editorial Board 1997-98

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