IJPMR: Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the official Journal of the Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IAPMR), which is a professional scientific body of Medical Doctors Working in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR). IAPMR has its secretarial office in New Delhi in India. Details about IAPMR can be had by visiting its website, link below.

IJPMR publishes original clinical and research contributions in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The contributions are in the form of research articles, short reports, case reports, review articles, letters to editors, preliminary communications and technical notes.

IJPMR is a peer reviewed journal.  To contribute to the journal, please read the instructions given under the guidelines to the authors, link above.

IJPMR started as an annual publication. From 2005 it became half yearly and since 2011 it is published quarterly. Special issues are also brought out with proceedings/abstracts of the conferences.
The sole responsibility of the published material rests with the IAPMR. However, the views expressed in the articles, letters and advertisements appearing in the journal and online version are those of the authors/ advertisers and IAPMR need not subscribe to them in whole or in part thereof.

IJPMR is a multi-disciplinary professional journal. It is devoted to the needs primarily of the doctors in PMR, service providers, professionals, applied researchers and educations in the field of PMR. The contents of the journal are suitable only to the doctors and other professionals in the field of PMR.

IJPMR is open access.  It is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). To visit, please click here.

What you would find here
IJPMR is now printed by a Publishing House. This website contains only Archives until March  2017. Later issues are available on a different website as per the link given in the right column.

Disclaimer: The contents of this journal are not for the consumption of general population and are also not intended to help the public use this information to treat any medical condition or indulge in practice of rehabilitation of the persons with disability, themselves. The public in its own interest is advised to consult their doctor for advice on the management of their medical conditions.